Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meeting Hemi Families

March 29, 2009
Through Facebook, the Yahoo Support group and the Hemi Foundation, I have connected with many other hemi families. Jason, Aiden and I met up with two families at Griffith Observatory. The family on the left are the Cogils. Their daughter, Rachel, is about to undergo a hemispherectomy at UCLA by the same surgeon as Aiden had. They are here from Iowa. The family in the middle had their son's surgery 1 year ago at Cedar Sinai. He has been seizure-free since his surgery.

Jason and I went to UCLA to visit the 3 hemi families there.

This is Rachel after her surgery.

This is Mina and her daughter Amina.

This is Emily.

It has been great getting to know and spend time with other hemi families. We all share something so unique and it creates an immediate bond.

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