Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Stroller, a Party and the Beach

"Wanna go bye-bye, Aiden?" That's all it took and Aiden was happy to try out his new stroller. Yesterday, he went for three walks in it. Once with me, then with Kiwi (his nanny), then again with gramma. Although Aiden is walking so much better now, this stroller will come in handy because he can only walk short distances and my poor back can't handle carrying a 45 pound kid around! I was so surprised and glad we got the stroller before our trip to Baltimore since it didn't seem like we'd even get it to begin with.
These pictures are from this morning when we were about to leave for Connor's birthday party.

Today Connor turned a year old. His daddy plays softball in Irvine on Wednesday nights with Jason. They've been playing on the same team for ten years. Aiden was so excited to go to Connor's party. He loves to go bye-bye and just be outside in general. There were only four kids there but they had fun rolling around on the grass and playing in the "mini beach". Aiden really liked the sand. He kept flicking sand up in the air and laughing as it came down on himself.

Since we were only minutes from the beach, and because Aiden liked playing in the sand so much, we decided to go after the party. This was Aiden first time at the beach! Seems a shame since we only live an hour away. It had been hard to plan things prior to Aiden's hemi surgery because he was sick so often and having so many seizures. Now, we have the ability to venture further away from home and not have to worry about him vomitting and having to cut our trip short or not make it to our destination before we'd have to turn around and go home.

Here's Aiden loving the sand at the beach and putting his feet in the ocean for the first time!

So, we had quite a busy day. It is so rewarding to see Aiden able to have so much fun and experience more things now. It's gonna just keep getting better and better for our little guy!


Jessie said...

Nice Wheels Dude! Are You bringing them to Baltimore in a couple of weeks so that we can all try them out?

syamala said...

Looks like you had tons of fun at the beach.