Thursday, August 28, 2008


August 28, 2008

It's hard to believe but it's true. Aiden is home from the hospital!

Aiden has been doing so well, no fever, no infection, no complications whatsoever so everyone agreed it was time to send Aiden home to finish his recovery in a familiar environment.

As soon I put Aiden in the car seat, he perked up. He was so excited to go for a ride in the car. He kept looking over at me and smiling. He knew when we were home because he started making even more familiar sounds. He was happy to be home.

We go back to UCLA next Wednesday for a follow-up appointment and to get the staples removed. Dr. Mathern wants to see Aiden in one month, then again in six months. Otherwise, Aiden is ready to start his outpatient therapy.

Aiden is still pretty weak on his left side, but he was actually able to walk a little bit while I held him around his waist. He enjoyed his first real bath in a week. We've just been snuggling and relaxing since we got home. What an amazing boy!

Keep an eye out for a news broadcast on ABC Channel 7 tomorrow afternoon/evening. They are running a story on Aiden, Sturge-Weber Syndrome and his Hemispherectomy surgery. If you miss it on tv, don't worry. I will be able to post it on Aiden's website in a few days.

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Jessie said...

Hi Rachel, I saw the news broadcast. It was well done, and helped raise awareness of SWS and Hemispherectomy. I know those are hard to do, but do as many as you can for education and awareness.

So glad that Aiden is home.

Cris and Kristi Hall