Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Op - Sixth Day

August 26, 2008

Aiden is regaining his strength. He sat up and held his head up on his own today. He is off IV fluids now as he has been drinking plenty on his own. He was given his last dose of Dilantin and steroids yesterday so all he is on now is the antibiotic. Poor guy had IVs coming out of everywhere. Now he's just got the dual port in his inner thigh for blood draws and morphine. Aiden experienced a lot of pain today so he has had 3 doses of morphine.

Dr. Mathern felt that Aiden's drain was ready to be test clamped as his brain fluid has been clear today and he was only draining out a very small amount. This likely means his left hemisphere is doing it's job and the drain might be taken out tomorrow morning if his intracranial pressure remains low through the night. If the left hemisphere can't absorb the brain fluid properly, they will have to put in an internal shunt that will run from his head to his stomach. The pressure has been low since they clamped the drain at 7:00 PM. Keeping my fingers crossed.

All the doctors and nurses are really impressed with Aiden's progress. It feels good to hear them say how amazingly he is recovering.

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