Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post Op - Second Day & Third Day

August 23, 2008

Yesterday, we were told that Aiden needed to start taking his regular oral seizure medication, Topamax, so they could take him off the IV drug, Dilantin. I was a little worried about how Aiden would handle eating and swallowing because we have to mix Topamax with a little pureed fruit. Well, he did great. He opened his mouth for the spoon and closed his lips around the spoon with no problem! Then Dr. Mathern came to check on Aiden and was very pleased to hear his progress report and ordered me to go home. So, I went home to get some sleep and Brian, Aiden's dad, stayed with him through the night. I got eleven hours of sleep last night and that's the best rest I've gotten in months.

Brian called me this morning and said Aiden has been doing "better than great". He's been moving his left arm,, saying "da da da da da-da" and humming "twinkle twinkle"!!!! It's like nothing has changed, which is good because things will only get better from here.

Brian said they did have to give Aiden some morphine in the middle of the night, but we were told by Dr. Mathern the pain would start to set in around day 2, so we expected that.

All in all, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. We are all so thankful. Jason and I are on our way to the hospital now. I can't wait to see Aiden.

Stay tuned. More to come...


Ray Voelkle, CLTC said...


I'm so happy to see how Aiden is progressing so soon after the surgery. He's amazing and I can't wait to see him.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

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