Monday, August 25, 2008

Post Op - Fifth Day

August 25, 2008

Today we had a visit from Sarah Swank. Her daughter, Hannah, was also born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome and underwent a hemispherectomy two years ago, also performed by Dr. Mathern. We connected through our support group back in January, 2008 when we were told Aiden might need a hemispherectomy. Sarah invited Aiden, Jason and I over to have dinner with her and her husband Mark, and their kids Hannah and Weston. We all shared our experiences with Sturge-Weber, they told us about their experience with Hannah's hemispherectomy and we were able to see first hand how a child with half a brain could function. Their family really helped us in the decision making process for Aiden.

Aiden continues to heal but the drain is still not ready to come out. So, we just continue to patiently wait here in the PICU.

A little bonus today was James Van Der Beek (from Dawson's Creek) and his wife Heather McComb brought toys to all the kids in the PICU. They took the time to pose with Aiden in a picture! They were both very kind.

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Jessie said...

Thanks for the Updates Rachel. For some reason I am not able to see everything on the website. I'm so happy to hear that Aiden is doing well. You and He will continue to be in our prayers...even after he is home. Cris and Kristi Hall