Monday, September 29, 2008

First Post-Op Appointment

September 29, 2008

We went to UCLA today to meet with Dr. Mathern so he could assess Aiden one month after his surgery. He is very pleased with Aiden's progress and was pretty tickled when Aiden cried because he was afraid of the doctor. He said that's a good sign that Aiden is more aware of his surroundings. We are to schedule an MRI in 5 months and at that time, Dr. Mathern will make his first major assessment of Aiden's recovery and brain function. He reiterated that Aiden is still very much in the healing process.

Over the weekend, Aiden had been practicing feeding himself. It is so cute to watch but messy. I couldn't care less about the mess; that's how he'll learn. I'm just so happy that he's making progress every day and so much faster than pre-surgery.

Another cool thing he's doing is walking, by himself, to the treadmill as soon as we get to therapy. It's like he's saying "let's do this!". Check out our YouTube channel ( to see him feeding himself and walking on the treadmill.

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