Monday, September 15, 2008

A Great Monday!

September 15, 2008

Aiden did so well today. He didn't even cry or fuss when I took him to therapy. He was actually excited to be walking outside with Becky, his therapist. Becky said they were going to try the treadmill after I left. I'll have to get that on video on Wednesday.

Aiden's teacher, Pam, said he did really well in school today. He stayed three and a half hours; that's a full day for his 'grade'! Only three and a half weeks after surgery and he's tolerating a full day at school! I'm so proud of him.

We were starting to worry about his behavior but he is getting better. I think as time goes by, he'll just continue to get better. He's starting to make more of his normal verbalizations that he made before surgery, but lost afterwards. I hope one day Aiden can say what's on his mind. It's got to be so frustrating for him to know what he wants but not be able to tell us.

His energy level seems to be increasing each day. He just goes, goes, goes. If only I had as much energy as he does. Whew! Mom's exhausted!!!!

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