Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Media Coverage

September 16, 2008

San Gabriel Valley Tribune reporter, Evelyn Barge, and photographer, Watchara Phomicinda, came to Aiden's school today to get footage for a follow-up article. I will post the date when the article is expected to run. Watchara has been following Aiden's story and documenting everything with his camera. He is a very talented photographer and has formed a bond with Aiden and our family. He was even there with us on Aiden's surgery day. He's been putting together a slideshow to be featured on the sgvn.com website.

Nancy Williams with UCLA media also came to Aiden's school. She's doing a webcast on Aiden, Sturge-Weber Syndrome and his hemispherectomy. Each month the UCLA website features a medical procedure performed at UCLA. Right now, the feature story is about a girl who was struggl with a debilitating neurological diease, Dystonia, until surgeons at UCLA operated and gave her a new lease on life. Check out the story at http://www.uclahealth.org. Aiden's webcast will be available on the same link in a week or two. Check back soon to see his story.

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